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Join Hugo Messer and Jennifer Roberts for a workshop designed for you and your team, on march-11th-2016. Be inspired by fresh ideas to tackle your own business challenges in creative and innovative ways.





Free Webinar on - Practical DevOps & Continuous Delivery

Date: 6th September 2017

Topics Covered

  • DevOps vs. Traditional Approach.
  • Addressing the Delivery Challenges.
  • Why Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is so relevant?
  • DevOps vs Release Management.
  • Best Practices.

I/O: Intelligent Outsourcing 2016

I/O was the first event of its kind in Kochi, exclusively crafted for Decision Makers in the Outsourcing industry which was held on March 5th, 2016 at Crowne Plaza. The theme behind I/O was to provide a platform for the business and technology leaders across Kerala, where they are getting an opportunity to improve sourcing strategies; learn new trends in outsourcing & IT services marketplace; the tips to follow in vendor selection/negotiation; and help them to maintain their outsourcing relationships healthy.


Bridge Global organized an event for developers and designers by imparting great presentations, a platform to build a network with talented developers and exchange ideas. The focus was on launching events which unwind vibrant learning opportunity and a good atmosphere.

Open Coffee Kerala

Bridge started Open Coffee in Kochi, in 2010 as we welcomed the colorful spring season. People are not so used to networking as they are in the Netherlands. Still we decided to set up this meeting, intent to our interest in entrepreneurship and to contribute to the country’s growth. There are often two guest speakers and the theme Entrepreneurship is the central focus to every meeting.

Talk About IT

Talk About IT is our platform for IT knowledge exchange. We want to work together with professionals from the corporate and IT sector to bridge the gap between questions about business strategies and their technical solutions; the reason why we bring suppliers, service providers and users of IT services and products together.

The Theme: Every event we focus on IT related topics, bringing presentations and discussions.

Talk About IT is an online community on LinkedIn and regular meetings are held in the Netherlands in the cities Amsterdam, Den Haag, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.


Sponsors & Partners

Bridge Events

Bridge Events is our initiative to better serve the IT and outsourcing community. Countless hours of our Team’s efforts and our veteranship are in play to share disruptive ideas and strategies. These events are sure to bring you the answers that you seek, the platform to share ideas, and an opportunity to pick up the ‘gems’ that the Veterans share with the community. Bridge Events brings renowned speakers, investors, entrepreneurs, tech companies, incubators and start-ups in a single hub to collaborate closely.


Why Did Bridge Launch Bridge Events?

Bridge Global brings with it over a decade of expertise in IT staffing, providing western software companies the opportunity to work with culturally-aligned IT talents based in India and Ukraine. Over the years, Bridge has positioned itself as a leader in creating better experiences for the IT and outsourcing community. And now, the Bridge Team is happy to unveil its innovative arena for events Bridge Events.

Bridge Events was formulated to offer a solution-based approach to support associations, societies, federations, corporate and international entities when organizing an IT-related event. We deliver operational excellence and adapt our service to the skills, experience and resources available in your organization.

Partner with Bridge Events to organize your conference or event. Utilize our network and experience.

Creative thinking, skilled resources and innovative services are what we bring to your members, delegates, speakers and all other stakeholders involved. We are proud to share our experience and knowledge. In partnership with you, we deliver on all aspects of your event from consulting to seamless delivery.

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