IBM Bluemix

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Solving complex business problems in the cloud with IBM Bluemix by Bridge.

Power packed cloud solutions by Bridge using the high-end capabilities of the IBM Bluemix platform.

The IBM Bluemix cloud platform is part of IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture and is a trusted platform for rapidly building, deploying, and managing your cloud applications. IBM Bluemix has been in use by businesses all over the world to build cloud applications that allow flexible capacity, reduce time for infrastructure provisioning, and help you tap into a growing ecosystem of services and frameworks. Bridge uses the high-end capabilities of the IBM Bluemix platform to bring you potent cloud solutions, which will help you solve real business problems effectively and securely in the cloud.

IBM Bluemix comes as three offerings:

Bluemix Public:

Build scalable apps and APIs, develop mobile apps with powerful backend infrastructures, access insightful data analytic tools and much more, using the innovative capabilities of the 130 services of IBM Bluemix.

Bluemix Dedicated:

Bluemix Dedicated gives you the luxury and high security of having your own cloud with physically isolated hardware. It allows you to securely connect your enterprise to your Bluemix environment.

Bluemix Local

Along with the platform services layer as-a-service, Bluemix also operates the underlying infrastructure layer as-a-service. Through this combo you can gain a full-stack cloud experience.

Experienced Bridge developers bring you the best of IBM Bluemix:

  • You will be guided through the right compute module that will suit your workload. Catering to a wide range of compute services on IBM Bluemix, the Bridge team will assess your requirement and fix you up with the right solution for your application needs.
  • Be it Node.js, Ruby, Java, PHP or any other runtime of your choice, Bridge developers work with IBM Bluemix to give you highly responsive applications. Built on IBM Bluemix, these apps leverage the flexibility of cloud applications while reducing the total cost of ownership in the cloud.
  • Dedicated Bridge developers build stunning mobile apps using the capabilities of IBM Bluemix. We suit you up with the perfect mobile backend infrastructure to add intelligence to your mobile apps and provide for an immersive user experience.
  • We help you leverage your existing apps, data, and processes by seamless systems integration with IBM Bluemix’s hybrid cloud. Thus, we create unique business solutions that make the best of your strengths.
  • Bridge helps you to strategically tap into Bluemix’s wide range of instant-on services like IBM Watson,, Data Analytics and others to give your applications an unrivalled edge.

Cloud Transformation

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