Your Own Team

Your own dedicated development team

How about having a team that you can call your own!

If you are looking for a tailor-made team that works remotely with perfect synchronisation, Bridge offers you the solution.

We at Bridge, believe in delivering a complete solution to our clients. Setting up the most pertinent and dedicated team for our clients helps us in fulfilling this goal. The uniqueness that pervades our team can primarily be attributed to the selection process that Bridge follows. Bridge also takes care to preserve this uniqueness across the entire working environ.

We handpick relevant team members from a pool of highly talented resources. We train them to be the best Agile resources. Backed by Scrum-certified members of the team, we ensure that the collaboration between your in-house team and ours will be no less than a match made in heaven.

We ardently admire and firmly embrace Agile Method in software development. Thanks to our talented Agile Scrum team, you are sure to get fail-safe software solutions that are developed in incremental, rapid cycles. Continuous delivery of working software also ensures constant attention and adaptation.

Highly successful global collaboration collaboration is our USP. The committed team that we set apart for you yields the best fruits of collaboration for you. Our clients swear by the teams that we have set up for them.

Try us out and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

With Bridge, working with a dedicated team will be as easy as this:

.net team image

Our Development Centre Locations

Kiev – The IT Hub of Eastern Europe


2.8 million people
40% of Ukraine’s top IT talent
4-5 hours flight from Sweden.
One of the biggest IT hubs in Eastern Europe
Historical places to visit.


Cochin– The IT Hub in south India


4 million people
Rich supply of highly talented IT specialists
12 hours flight to Sweden
One of the biggest IT hubs in Southern India
Dotted with beaches and attractive tourist destinations


Your own Team

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